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Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their personal training experience with Ted Loo Fitness in Vancouver.

Ted Loo is my Hero!?
I saw Ted for 8 weeks, 1 hour, 5 days per week. I remember telling him I don’t sweat much when I excersize. All he said was a quiet, ‘Oh, really?’ Boy did he make me sweat! He never pushed me too hard, though….Just hard enough. By I think about the 3rd week I started feeling better than I ever have in my life. I loved watching my muscles grow, I loved feeling strong and energetic, I loved feeling my clothes get looser. And because of his sound nutritional advice and my motivation to get healthy, I finally lost my very serious addiction to sugar. The best and most important result of my success with Ted, though, is that recently I had a very serious incident happen to me where I had to have some major surgery. I feel that if I hadn’t been in such good shape when it happened, I wouldn’t be healing as well as I am. Thank you, Ted. You’re incredible!!!!! - Brenda Collett

Core Strength Back On Track!?
I underwent hockey hernia surgery and desperately needed to rebuild my core strength, while also creating a work out program that would allow me to maintain my core strength after rehabilitated was completed. I also needed to refine my work out habits and take it to the next level, in order to achieve my heath & fitness goals. Ted really understood my post-surgery limitations and customized each work out to ensure steady growth, reduce risk of injury and get me back on track. With a creative approach to working out, teaching me new ways of accomplishing my work out goals and surprising me with some things I never knew…I am well on my way to a full recovery and achieving my goals. I would strongly recommend Ted’s services to anyone who has health or work out goals they want to achieve. If you want to put in the time, effort and sweat, Ted will get you there. Well done Ted! - Jeff Hamilton

I definitely feel stronger and I’ve noticed more definition specifically in my arms. Ted Loo and his team are AWESOME?.I took advantage of a free consultation with Ted Loo where he took me through his induction process. He asked me all sorts of questions about fitness, diet, sports, hobbies, everything. He then walked me through what was the “hardest” workout I’ve ever been in. And one of the most original. We didn’t stay just in the gym, we were in the stairwells, the building and outside. We concentrated on technique, not just trying to look cool lifting heavy things. He made sure I was warmed up properly, and we stretched together to cool down. It was great. I promptly referred my then girlfriend (who had yet to ever be in a gym so was intimidated with the whole process – she continued on for 6 months); I joined up as well seeing Ted for about a year. I wholeheartedly support the Team at Ted Loo. You guys rock! - Thomas Goodall

I began personal fitness training with Ted Loo Fitness nine months after having a baby. After a short period of time, I experienced an increase in my energy level, strength, and I have lost excess weight. Not only have the personal training sessions helped me get back into shape after having a baby, they have also helped to relieve pain from an old back and neck injury. In addition, I have found both Ted and Warren to be very professional, personable and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to a friend or colleague. - Leanne Ross, Human Resources Advisor and Mom

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your other trainers for all you support and help over the past 6 months. Up until my early 30′s I was always thin never toned but always thin. I never worried about my weight and was never naturally athletic so I was just thankful it wasn’t a concern for me. Then in August 2002 I quit smoking and for the first time 15 pounds snuck on me and this time it wasn’t easy to get rid of. I fought with it for over a year and was finally starting to make headway and then I got pregnant in Nov 2003. I had a great pregnancy but a heavy one gaining almost 45 pounds. Eventually I did loose most of the weight but my body was forever changed. Gone was my tiny waistline and I learnt for the first time what back fat is. i.e. love handles.

So 6 months later things are starting to really change. I feel stronger that I ever have in my life. My energy is fantastic and I want to work out. I actually get up at 6am two mornings a week to go work out. This is the girl that didn’t play sports and cringed at the idea of going to the gym or for a run. In late January I realized that if I really wanted to get rid of some fat that weight training alone wasn’t going to do it that I needed a regular cardio routine. So I bought a good pair of running shoes and an iPod shuffle and hit the pavment. When I first started I could only run 3-4 minutes at a time and then would walk the same. I started once a week and then a month later twice. Each run I would see an improvement. On March 18 th I did the 8km Diva run. I ran almost 7.5 km and had 3 short walks for less than 2 minutes each. The total run took 1 hr and 4 mins. Certainly not a record breaker but a huge achievement for me. This past Sunday I went for a run in my neighbourhood which is very hilly, I ran for 45mins straight and covered 5.5kms. Wow what a runners high at the end. I was so proud as I truly never expected I could run for 45 minutes straight never mind in less than 2 months.

So at 35 (almost 36) I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life and it gets better every day. I am looking forward to my next race to see how much my time improves.

So thank you to you Ted, Nastacia and Warren for all your support, guidance and encouragement. Being the mother of a 2 year old, a wife and an entrepreneur/business owner I rarely find “me” time. My time as the gym and running has become my weekly “me” time and it is great! I just can’t wait to see how I feel 3 and 6 months from now. I haven’t lost any weight but have gained a huge amount of muscle and can certainly see the differences in the mirror! And my husband appreciated my efforts too! - Thanks again, Tracy Rowand.

Ted Loo Fitness changed my life. I went from a woman who was uncomfortable with my weight, had very poor upper body strength and was pretty unfit to someone I aspired to be but didn’t think I had it in me. I’ve now been training with Ted Loo fitness for about 4 years and the changes in my life are incredible. I not only lost weight and re-shaped my body but increased my strength and my energy levels went through the roof. Ted and his trainers really take the time to understand your goals and work with you on achieving them. They hold you accountable to your goals and give you the strength to keep going. Not only have I had amazing results but I’ve also seen several of his clients completely transform their bodies as well. I would recommend Ted and his trainers to all my friends and family and can’t image not experiencing the benefits of personal training. They are worth every penny and more.
- Rana, Sales Manager

I’ve known you for almost a whole year and now that I look back on it, I have to admit that you’ve given me a whole new life. I’m living the lifestyle you promised me when I saw you that very first time… I’m a much different person now than I was last year at this time. I have never received as many compliments in last 24 years of my life from friends and family about my looking good as in the last few months…

I know I keep complaining but a part of me certainly knows that I can never ever pay you back for what you’ve given me! I can never thank you enough for what you’ve taught me. How do you pay back a person who taught you how to walk! How to run! How to breathe! How to smile in response to the worst comments…

I cannot even count how many times you made my day just by your brilliant and energetic smile! How I never had to drag myself to the gym because I knew that you would be right there to help me every step of the way. How you were always full of helpful suggestions about every problem I ever had! You were always ready to go that extra mile just in order to provide excellent care and supervision and to make me feel special. You know what you did? You changed an exercise-hater to an exercise-addict by your passion and hard work.

More than anything else, you were my inspiration when it came to my career choice! You made it look so easy by your professional manner and excellent skills. No one can do this good of a job without falling in love with it. Your love for training is so addictive. My ultimate compliment to you is that you will always be my trainer as long as I live in this country. This is how much I love you… You are a true PROFESSIONAL. - Saadia Sheikh

I am thoroughly impressed with Ted and his team. They are professional and talented, and they make working out an event to look forward to.who would have guessed? Our workouts are kept interesting and enjoyable and they’re never dull. I feel better, have more energy, have greater strength & flexibility, and am much more toned than I have ever been. I would highly recommended Ted Loo Fitness to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness. - Cissy Pau, Vancouver

I have been using Ted’s services for the last nine months. [I have a] few athletic injuries, medical problems and really bad knees, [so I needed] someone with empathy, just the right amount of “push”, and knowledge of training and therapy. Ted has all of these, along with a sense or humour. I recommend Ted highly and truly believe that he care about his clients’ well being.
- Andrew Markus, Vancouver, Nov. 2005

My energy level is better than before. I feel better about myself sticking to a regularly scheduled appointment. I love the variation of exercises. I never know from week to week which ones I’m going to be doing, so it’s never boring. I like that Ted is up to date in terms of current training techniques and skills. I am not sore anymore on Friday mornings after Thursday night hockey, thanks to Ted!
- Scott Carpenter, Vancouver, Nov. 2005

If Ted and Warren weren’t there waiting at the gym, I’d never go. They hold me accountable, they know exactly when to push me. Low impact exercises they had me do seemed almost easy at the time – until the next day when I realized there were muscles I didn’t know I had!
- Linda Chu, Vancouver, Nov. 2005

My decision to sign up with Ted Loo Fitness, about 8 months ago, has proved to be one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Ted Loo’s team is enthusiastic, supportive, patient, skilled and knowledgeable. Not only have I experienced profound changes in positive self image, strength, energy and overall health, I also feel I have started something that I will commit to for the rest of my life. When people ask me to describe something good in my life, the first thing that comes to mind is my personal training program with Ted Loo. I recommend Ted Loo Fitness to anyone who truly values their health and well-being and wants to make a truly positive change in their life.
- Adi Glouberman, Vancouver

I have been working out with Ted Loo and his team since October 2004. Ted is very professional and knowledgeable about personal training. Workouts are always fun and different. All I have to do is show up and I know I’ll get a great and effective workout!

With the personal training from Ted, and the advice of a nutritionist that he referred to me, I’ve lost fat, gained muscle, and leaned out. People tell me how great I look. My clothes are falling off. I’m rarely sick and have loads of energy. If you want to improve your health, lose weight, increase your energy and your self confidence, then don’t hesitate – hire Ted! - Andrea Hesse, Vancouver

Ted Loo Fitness helped me gain confidence in a non-threatening environment. Ted brings to his routine a fun and motivating style that relieves high pressure work-related stress in an organized and effective manner. Being in a very demanding executive position, I found that Ted Loo Fitness was able to work around my schedule while keeping me focused on the program and providing a mental escape from work.

Ted’s open, nurturing and encouraging style is what helps me keep committed to a consistent healthy lifestyle. In nine months, my overall health condition, strength, mental well-being and lifestyle have changed dramatically for the better. I feel younger and I am sleeping better!
- Janice Correia, Vancouver

I just wanted to write and say that Ted Loo Fitness has been instrumental in a life changing experience. I started working with you to train for a climbing vacation in Africa and am very pleased with my progress. I have also lost over 20 pounds and feel better than I have in the last thirty years.

I wish you every success in the future and wanted to say thanks again for helping to make a difference.
- Dan Lewis

Ted is a gentleman and a good coach! I recommend his personal training to anyone who wants to attain & maintain physical fitness. He certainly motivated me in reaching my goals in a pleasant and professional manner. - Dr. Stephen J. Kiraly

For years I had worked out on my own and then plateaued after a serious car accident, in fact I even went backwards because of chronic pain. I was frustrated with my workouts and struggled to get any results, so I decided to invest in a personal trainer. It wasn’t until I started to work with Ted that I actually started to see results and feel that my goals were his goals. I wanted to improve my core stability, gain muscle definition and become stronger which is a lot to ask for when you have several restrictions due to chronic pain. Ted has been able to work around these deficiencies and understand my quirky biomechanics while achieving all goals. My situation has been a challenging one but thanks to Ted it has turned around for me because of his enthusiasm, knowledge, caring and nonstop commitment to my health and fitness. - Peg McAndrews

Only after a few sessions, I began to notice a significant difference in my core strength. As a flamenco dancer, I have gained greater balance and precision in my dancing (especially my turns)…
- Dr. Grace Dela Cruz N.D.

Training with Ted Loo Fitness has changed my life! As I was a self-confessed couch potato for years, Ted eased me into training with a custom designed fitness program (including nutrition), while making it interesting and fun. I’ve experienced all the benefits: more energy and productivity; more flexibility and increased strength; significant weight loss; increased confidence, and a much happier mood. Now, instead of dreading exercise, I look forward to my training sessions. Thanks! - Ken Creighton

I have no reservation in recommending Ted for his professionalism, personal attention and tangible results. - Richard

Before I started training with Ted Loo Fitness, I was struggling just to get out of my car. But after a few short weeks, I felt my overall fitness and well-being improve! My clothes fit better, my stomach flattened and my mood improved. I no longer had trouble going up and down stairs or getting out of my car and my body looks great! Ted’s training has also greatly supplemented my karate training, my kicks are faster, my punches are stronger and my core is the best that it’s ever been! Thank you, Ted! You Rock!!
- Johnny Tesoro