Paul :: December 2007

Personal trainer vancouver, vancouver personal trainers, personal trainers vancouver, personal trainer in vancouverPaul is a 36 year old investment advisor in Vancouver. A past air force member and athlete who played basketball, volleyball, fastball, hockey and soccer who was no stranger to the gym, Paul’s life had progressed so he had let a regular fitness routine fall very far down the priority list. With three active boys aged 8 – 13, his partner Alison, and a growing book of investments to attend to, Paul had ‘put on a few pounds’.

Yet, the bones were good – and after hearing several success stories from other Ted Loo Fitness clients, Paul took the plunge. “I’d been contemplating working out with a trainer for awhile – I just couldn’t keep it going when I was working out on my own.”

After working out with Ted and his team for just 8 months, Paul went from a 36 pant to a 33. He also lost 25 pounds.

“The biggest struggle I faced in sticking to a fitness routine was time — I just couldn’t find it,” says Paul. “Once I started with Ted Loo Fitness, working out was a priority and had a set scheduled time. You can’t skip a workout when you’re working with a trainer like you can when it’s just you.”

Paul was impressed with the results he achieved in just 8 months. He also appreciated the way Ted Loo Fitness gave him a no obligation workout and consultation so he could experience their training environment before he signed up.

Today, Paul enjoys his trim physique and the extra energy he has while playing with his kids, coaching soccer, doing the Grouse Grind, or blading the seawall when time permits.

In his own words:

Fitness has always been an important component of my life. It just had moved to the backburner in terms of intensity over the last 5-7 years. That’s not the case today.

The team at Ted Loo Fitness will push you as hard as you want to be pushed, and then some. I lost weight, increased my overall fitness and satisfaction with myself, improved my overall quality of life, my mental sharpness, and my tolerance for life’s obstacles.

Ted Loo and his team help you accomplish your fitness goals faster and more efficiently than you would on your own. I highly recommend them.

Michelle :: November 2007

Personal trainer vancouver, vancouver personal trainers, personal trainers vancouver, personal trainer in vancouverMichelle was fed up with always being sick and tired. At the young age of 38, she was not able to run two blocks without feeling like she was going to die of a heart attack. She decided to meet with Naturopath Dr. Grace de la Cruz; who, amongst other treatments, “prescribed” regular exercise for Michelle as part of her total health plan. She highly recommended that Michelle get a personal trainer; more specifically, that she call her own trainer – Ted Loo! Michelle was surprised and reluctant, as she thought only rich people and movie stars used personal trainers – she now knows better!

When asked about her fitness goals, Michelle laughed and said that she wanted to be a size 6 (she was a size 18).she had thought that the process was pointless.that this outrageous goal was a crazy dream that would never come true. Just two years and twelve dress sizes later, Michelle knows, without a doubt, that her decision to train with Ted Loo was one of the most “right” decisions she ever made for her health – her life.

Ted’s team had Michelle run three times per week for shorter periods, and go for one long run on Sunday afternoon. She also strength trains, with weights, twice a week and walks the 4km to and from work on a regular basis. Michelle has lost over 65 pounds; she is now the same weight that she was 20 years ago; back then she was a size 12, now she is a size 6 – she attributes this difference to the strength training with weights.

Was it! Michelle was very self-conscious about exercising in public; she was very critical of herself and assumed everyone around her was too. One day Michelle realized that she did not have these negative thoughts about others she exercised with, so why should they be critical of her? This was a turning point for her, and she really embraced her fitness program in earnest. To keep on track with her goals, and to stay focused, Michelle kept a fitness journal, and to keep herself motivated, she made contact with others like her, through

Michelle always lights up when she talks of her trainers:

“I have such great respect for Ted and Warren – they never let me wimp out, and always believed in me and encouraged me – that made it worth every penny!”

Michelle advises that you really need to build a support system around you; that, although it is easy to be motivated when your trainer is standing over your shoulder, you need to ensure that you surround yourself with people who will support you, not sabotage you – people who will stand by you! Over time, Michelle’s motivation came from the good feelings she had after she made her own choice to strength train or run – she felt great and that was enough.

In her own words:

“Remember that this is possible. If someone like me can get fit, anyone can; I was 38 when I started this journey and have been out of shape all my life. At 40, I’m now more fit than I’ve ever been and look forward to continuing to be so.

I remind myself that I enjoy moving my body; running is wonderful and there’s nothing better than the feeling of a good workout. I have a healthy fear of ever returning to my former unfit self (I couldn’t afford the new clothes anyway)!

I know that Ted has my picture up everywhere; really, there’s no turning back now for sure!.

The best part of this journey is the incredible feeling of strength, energy and belief in me – I feel great! I will always be so grateful for saying yes to personal training – saying yes to Ted Loo Fitness, and ultimately saying yes to me – because I am worth it!”

Cissy and Andreas:: January 2007

Our featured client is a couple — Andreas and Cissy!

Cissy and Andreas are your typical thirty-something working couple. They are both busy entrepreneurs who run their own successful businesses and they’ve recently purchased a home which they are in the process of renovating – not a lot of “spare” time on their hands.

Cissy and Andreas started training sessions together with Ted and Warren of Ted Loo Fitness in October 2004, twice per week. Andreas’ main goal was to lower his body fat percentage from the mid-20s to 15% – he, like many men who hit their thirties, noticed that his metabolism just wasn’t what it used to be! Cissy, on the other hand, didn’t have any specific goals – she just wanted to get more fit and healthier. Cissy was small, but she lacked muscle tone and definition. Never really that athletic growing up, Cissy’s last major athletic achievement was running 10 km in the Sun Run several years ago – a leg injury stopped her running career in its tracks!

A training program was developed for Cissy and Andreas, which they do together at the gym, focusing on strength, flexibility and endurance. For Andreas, his program included nutritional counseling and attention to strengthening problem shoulder and back areas. For Cissy, her program included careful attention to her running injury.

In their own words:

C: “I have never enjoyed working out at the gym – the machines were intimidating, and I always felt foolish reading the instructions to figure out how to use the machines. That left yoga and pilates, while good, but not the kind of fitness training I was looking for. Working out with Ted Loo Fitness has been great. They provide me with the discipline and the instruction that I need to work out – having someone waiting for me to show up to the gym once or twice a week is definitely motivation to go! Within the first three months, I started noticing results – muscles that I didn’t know I had started to appear. My clothes started to get very loose and I was feeling much stronger, more flexible and healthier. A year later, my body fat percentage is in the low teens, I weigh more than I ever have, but my clothes are the smallest size they have been in all my adult years. I knew the workouts were paying off when I was recently getting a massage and the therapist asked me how often I worked out – she said that my muscle definition was fantastic and that I must be going to the gym 4 or 5 times a week! Little did she know!”

A: “As a business coach, I work with my clients to develop goals and accountability structures to increase their income and their time off, faster and easier than they would on their own. Because fitness is a critical factor in success in life and in business, I began working out with Ted Loo Fitness to achieve my fitness goals faster and easier than I ever would have on my own. I reached my goal of 15% body fat by December 2005, and I’m now working towards my new goal of 11%. Clothes that I bought in the summer of 2005 now no longer fit. Cissy laughs at my pants – they hang so loose! You will probably need to get a new wardrobe after working with Ted; both Cissy and I certainly do! The first thing that friends who I haven’t seen in while say to me is “WOW! You’ve lost weight! How did you do it?” Workouts with Ted and Warren are fantastic. We work much harder than we ever would on our own. They are so knowledgeable about their craft and keep workouts varied and interesting. You can trust them to develop and deliver a customized program that meets your unique needs and creates amazing results for you. We never would be as fit, lean, flexible or strong as we are now without them.”

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