couples fitness training vancouver, couples fitness training in vancouver, vancouver couples fitness training, fitness training for couples vancouver, fitness training for couples in vancouverIt happened. He proposed! Kelly was getting married.

With a date set in Maui and a close-fitting dress selected, Kelly knew she had 8 months to get ready for the day of her life. Already, she was slim, being active in snowboarding, golf, and tennis. But, her fitness routine was a bit inconsistent, with always the same exercises and reps when she did go, and her program hadn’t ever given her the results she had seen others achieve. Would she have time to get the muscle definition she wanted to truly shine on her special day?

Kelly contacted personal trainer in Vancouver, Ted Loo Fitness – she knew she needed help to design the perfect fitness program to have her achieve the results she wanted in time for her wedding day.

“Working with a trainer was always something that I wanted to do for myself, and before the wedding seemed like the perfect time.”

With eight months to go, the Ted Loo Fitness personal training team set out a complete fitness program that would not only give Kelly the muscle definition she wanted, but also more strength and more endurance. Though Kelly found herself very busy jugging her full-time job, wedding planning, her three-times-weekly training sessions and spending time with fiancé Chris, the team at Ted Loo Fitness gave Kelly the education, support and inspiration she needed stick to her plan and complete the effective, high quality workouts she needed to achieve her goals.

“Ted kept me motivated and pushed me to strive for every little bit of extra energy. Whenever I got discouraged, I reminded myself of all the hard work I had put in, and wouldn’t give up. In the end, I feel my greatest achievement is that I stuck with the training until the very end. It was hard work!”

Kelly achieved her goal, and, on her wedding day in Maui in 2007, many commented on her beautiful slim figure and improved muscle tone. Kelly herself was impressed with the amount of information she received from Ted and his team as they worked together – including a wide variety of exercises, different repetition strategies at different points in the workout cycle, and proper technique.

I know now that I will continue with my training, and see my fitness not as a hobby so much as a life long commitment, to me as well as my husband and family.”

If you are having trouble staying on board with your fitness routine, Kelly has these words of encouragement:

“Always remember that if you don’t give your all, you will never know what your body can achieve… you will never know how good it feels to make a promise to yourself and keep it – no matter what!

I couldn’t have done this much work and achieved these results on my own. It was Ted and his team’s knowledge and encouragement that truly made the difference for me in looking strong and beautiful on my wedding day.”

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