Personal training
for life in the fast lane

Ted Loo Fitness has been voted Vancouver’s Best Personal Trainer since 2009 for a reason: We “get” you and we get results.

We are a team of certified personal trainers in Vancouver. We work with busy professionals who have some serious health and fitness goals to achieve such as:

  • Improved athletic performance
    If you’re training for an event, toning up for the team, or getting back into the game after a season off, we can help get you in tip top shape.
  • Health maintenance
    It’s easy to get sidetracked. Regular workouts at our Vancouver personal training gym keep you healthy.
  • Weight loss
    If you’ve put on pounds, we can help you lose them safely and for good.
  • Improved muscle tone
    Tone up those “problem areas.”

We work out of a Vancouver-based personal training studio near Cambie and Broadway. All of our personal training programs are customized to meet your health needs, your body type, and your fitness goals. You’ll never be bored here. We promise you that!

The Trainer-Trainee relationship is important.
That’s why we offer a FREE workout session at our Vancouver personal training studio. So you can meet Ted and the team and experience our training style firsthand. We’re happy to show you why we’re one of the best personal trainers in Vancouver, and better yet, why our clients consistently achieve (and crush) their goals.

See how Brenda lost 13lbs and 11.45 inches with Ted Loo Fitness in just 8 weeks